Erectile Dysfunction

Non surgical treatment for men.
Avoid surgery and get back to you today!

Rediscover Confidence with Direct UI EMT Chair: 

A Revolutionary ED Treatment

Regain control and invigorate your vitality with the breakthrough Direct UI EMT Chair chair – the noninvasive solution to erectile dysfunction (ED) designed for those who value privacy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Join the Men Transforming Their Lives with Direct UI EMT Chair
Erectile dysfunction can affect more than just your intimate moments—it can impact your overall quality of life, confidence, and relationships.

But with Direct UI EMT Chair, there’s a new way forward.

Specifically tailored for middle-aged men and any man who has encountered the challenges of ED, Direct UI EMT Chair is here to revolutionize your health journey.

Your sexual health is inmportant. If you are considering surgery such as vacuum devices or penile implants to improve your sexual intercourse there is another way.

Direct UI EMT Chair is a non invasive treatment for peyronies disease and penile problems without any need for local anaesthetic.

If you are suffering from peyronie’s disease then you could have a special interest in our erectile dysfunction treatment. Direct UI EMT Chair will increase blood flow with no side effects.

For further information call our clinical lead now.

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Why Choose Direct UI EMT Chair for Erectile Dysfunction?

Noninvasive Treatment
Step into the future of ED treatment.

With Direct UI EMT Chair, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable procedures.

Our state-of-the-art therapy involves just sitting comfortably in a chair—fully clothed.

No scalpels, no surgery.

Just gentle, noninvasive technology to help restore your performance.

Fast Treatment Time

We understand your time is precious. That’s why Direct UI EMT Chair is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Each treatment session is brief, allowing you to get back to your day without skipping a beat.

Zero Downtime

After each Direct UI EMT Chair session, you can walk out and return to your usual activities.

There’s no recovery period, meaning no disruption to your life—only the pursuit of results.


Invest in your wellbeing without breaking the bank.

Direct UI EMT Chair is a cost-effective option for ED treatment, providing a competitive alternative to costly long-term medication or surgery.

Stay Fully Clothed

Experience the relief of treatment without the need for disrobing. Direct UI EMT Chair respects your dignity and privacy.

Activates Pelvic Floor Muscles

Direct UI EMT Chair utilises high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HI-EMS) to induce deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation, enhancing erectile function by encouraging blood flow and strengthening muscle support without the need for traditional pelvic exercises.

How Direct UI EMT Chair Works

Sit back and relax as the Direct UI EMT Chair chair engages your pelvic floor with targeted electromagnetic waves.

The procedure activates muscle contractions similar to those experienced during an intensive workout, revitalising the tissue and muscles that are crucial for maintaining healthy erectile function.

Ready for a Change?

Visit our clinic and take a seat in the Direct UI EMT Chair chair to begin your journey to a renewed sense of self.

You don’t have to accept ED as an inevitable part of life.

Explore a therapy that fits your life and offers the promise of improvement.

Book your consultation today and discover how the Direct UI EMT Chair chair can benefit you.

It’s time to reclaim the moments that matter most.